Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Letters Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Letters - Essay Example It is my firm belief that we can attain client satisfaction, highest possible BER and successful completion of the project only by employing integrated design. Your collaboration along with the design team will ensure all engineering requirements are fulfilled under the current governing legislation and regulations. The attachments along this letter enlist my recent appointments in the energy management sector. The widely held building projects employed my expertises to achieve energy focused objectives. On the other hand some of them required building energy rating services. Regrettably my interaction with the architect is sometimes limited, major reason is, my involvement in current projects with diverse nature and scale. Second component of the attachment is a citation of previous projects where scope, value and risk were considerably greater. A number of prominent architectural firms were involved in these projects and hence it demanded continuous collaboration with all key stakeholders. One such relevant example is of ‘Energy Retrofit Scheme’ which is one among numerous grant support schemes by the state energy authority which aims to assist organizations in reducing energy requirement and carbon emission. It is observed that through improved and upgraded systems the energy requirements can reduce to 80% of pre-approved energy. A number of qualifying criteria must be satisfied, which include a fundamental requirement that the minimum capital expenditure is 40000 euro for energy upgrade works. I was approached by the national body for agricultural and food industry, namely xxx, back in June 2010. The body employs its 100 office facilities across the country to carry out its operations. The results of the initial consultation made us realize that in order to acquire support grant we have to formulate an energy

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