Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Applying the Systems Development Life Cycle Essay

Procedure In a short paper (approximately one page), summarize how the work you have done in the previous project assignments can be integrated into the SDLC. Submission To submit this assignment, please go to the Grade Book. In the column in the Grade Book for this particular assignment, a â€Å"submit† button is available. Click on this button to be directed to your Personal Workspace where you will be able to upload and then submit this assignment. Please make sure you are submitting the final version of the assignment. The submit feature will be unavailable after submitting the assignment. Please do not post this assignment as an attachment in the Forum*. It must be submitted through the submit feature in the Grade Book. For more detailed directions and assistance for submitting assignments, please utilize the â€Å"help† feature located in the left hand navigation bar. Once at the â€Å"help† screen, choose the â€Å"How do I submit an assignment in the Grade Book† link from the â€Å"Courses† section. *Some assignments require the sharing and/or peer review of written work. In these cases, your instructor may also require you to post your assignment in a public message (i.e., to the entire class) in the Forum. Evaluation This assignment is worth 75 points. This assignment will be evaluated on the following criteria: †¢Completeness — Addresses each step/component/element required by project assignments with no obvious omissions. †¢Timeliness — Completed within specified timeframe. †¢Synthesis — Applies and/or synthesizes course content, required readings, independent research, and original thought into project as appropriate. †¢Clarity and Concision — Project composition isstructured logically, focused, well organized, and flows well. Conveys ideas clearly and concisely. †¢Language Conventions — Project consistently employs conventional English spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, and paragraph construction. †¢Application of Technology — Demonstrates application of technology to the project that is realistic and appropriate for the selected professional context.

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